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The Tunnel Form Construction System has been around in simpler forms for over 50 years and is responsible for literally millions of earthquake safe, and quickly and economically built housing units worldwide. With vast improvements in architectural design, construction engineering and the technological advancements in tunnel formwork the application of the  system has evolved greatly. Add to this global rising labour costs and housing shortages worldwide there is now an increased demand and a worldwide resurgence of interest in Tunnel Form Construction. Tunnel Form Construction is a specialized company that can offer your project an A to Z service in this method of construction. We have successfully completed project from Venezuela through to Mongolia.  Currently we are working on 7500 apartments and villas in Tanzania, as well as having active projects in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We have projects in planning for Lithuania, Poland, India, Sri Lanka and Canada. It is guaranteed that at some part of the day we are probably completing another floor of concreting somewhere in the world. Please see the video and brochure links below to see examples of our work With the aim of giving ‘know how’ to everyone interested in this construction method we have also created ‘ONE FLOOR ONE DAY’ ( a resource for owners, developers, architects and anyone with an interest in tunnel form, its’ origins evolution, and successful utilization worldwide, plus guiding you in the planning and economies when considering adopting this system for your next projects Tunnel Form Construction...the only way to complete upto 500m2 of concrete casting daily. With a minimum 24 concrete castings a month from each team/formwork set...guaranteed! Tunnel Form Construction....simply the quickest and most cost effective way to construct quality buildings.
Building one floor per day, everyday...guaranteed!