Welcome to ‘Tunnel Form Construction’, the one stop source for all your building needs concerning this recognized Modern Method of Construction and Industrialized Building System where you build an earthquake proven concrete wall and slab in one pour. Tunnel form building gives you the quickest, most economical, labour saving and simple system of building one floor a day... every day! The aim of this site is to to be the 'web site for your building site', where you can find everything from initial planning and project examples and architectural preparation, through to sourcing your specialized tunnel formworks, through to finding experienced contractors to build for you, through to sourcing all follow up trades and building supplies. From initial idea and concept to a timely handing over the keys, this site is designed to be your expert guide, reference and friend. Whether it is mass social accommodation, luxury villa complexes, hotels, student dormitories, prisons, or upto 46 floor high-rise apartments and condominiums, tunnel form construction is a viable option.  If you have not already guessed...we love the system! Not sure Tunnel Form is right for your project...take a look at our companion website www.1floor1day.com for more information about the past, present and future of tunnel form, research articles, technical data, it's possibilities, limitations, advantages and disadvantages plus examples of all types of tunnel form construction past and present from around the world. If you have a land to be developed, are/or a contractor with a project and a deadline...we are waiting for your call.
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