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‘’Based upon the recommendations, we chose  the Tunnel Form System, it turns out to have been  a good decision... technically exact, durable  and resulting in a very high quality concrete finish’’  Faruk Keler-Project Manager  KB-AIS, Ukraine Read the latest reference from Giedrius Ivaska, Project Manager- BZS Group Venezuela CONSTRUCTION TUNNEL FORM
Building one floor per day, everyday...guaranteed!
‘’...the daily cycle of striking and placing formwork  completed and ready to pour concrete by 11am  everyday. The shells of 2520 apartments  finished in 8 months’’ A very disciplined and  efficicient sub contractor team.   Giedrius Ivaska-Project Manager  BZS GROUP, Venezuela ‘’...200 villas in Saudi Arabia finished 6 months ahead of schedule...impressive’  Mehmet Zadeler-Owner  ZADELER CONSTRUCTION, Turkey ‘’their expertise helped us successfully and  quickly finish our challenging 25 floor circular tunnel form buildings.’’   Gökhan Erez-Construction Engineer  SPRADON Kuzu Group, Turkey
‘’My second opportunity to work together; this time again with success... 721 apartments finished ahead of time and to standard’’ Ahmet Sevim- Construction Manager SPRADON, Kuzu Group Turkey
‘’Professional and timely shell construction  completion of 280 units for our project in Algiers’  Arsa Yayla-Owner  HİTİT CONSTRUCTION, Algeria ....a floor a day as regular as clockwork,  bringing the project in ahead of time... highly recommended’’  Cenk  Gökhan-Construction Manager  MAVIHAYAT, Turkey ‘’...as well as supplying great tunnel form, also helped  our Korean Engineers learn the specific skills of   tunnel form constructing...now we are building a floor  a day!  Kwiyong Ahn-Construction Manager  HYUNDAI AMCO, Libya