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Technology Invented over 50 years ago and initially used to form repetitive cellular structures. Tunnel form is widely recognised as a modern construction method that enables the construction of horizontal and vertical elements simultaneously. Used worldwide by astute developors to quickly construct low cost, high quality and earthquake safe to construct cellular buildings such as hotels, low- and high-rise housing, hostels, student accommodation, prison and barracks accommodation and luxury villa complexes from the USA to the UAE. The Formwork Is completely steel & made specifically to the project design. A quality made tunnel formwork is an investment and may often last upto 1000 reuses/floors of building and can last for the completion of many projects with only small modular adaptations neededfrom project to project. The Process The basic construction sequence is shown in the diagram. In summary, the forms are positioned, steel reinforcement is fixed and concrete poured and left overnight to cured The next day when the concrete has hardened tto around 60% the tunnelforms are then lowered,  removed the area then backpropped and the tunnelforms are then psitioned for the next days work. This way a team of 24-30 workers can complete 600m2 +/- of slab and wall construction daily 24 hours cycle It is a time tested and proven form of simplified, quality building where the wall and slab are poured at the same time, ideally on a daily repetitive basis. The technology has been vastly improved over time to the modern day tunnel form construction that offers the ultimate in speed and durability, strength to weight ratio, ease of use, low labour and ultimate economy. Quite simply there is no simpler quicker way to build quality...1 floor...1day...everyday Advantages Highly Systematic/Excellent Thermal mass & Acoustics/ Sustainable & Recycleable/ Quality Concrete Finishing/Times saving/ Low labour requirement/ Repetitive and easy to learn/Adaptable so formwork can be reused/ Long life- Upto 1000 reuse lifespan/Earthquake proven Tunnel Form Today With technological advancements and innovative architectural design, tunnel form is being adopted for all kinds of projects from luxury apartments and villas through to 5 star hotels and commercial buildings, Tunnel form is also being used in hybrid buildings in order to speed up the construction process. We have now developed a system combined with a lightweight slab to allow a single space of 10 metres width and 15 metres depth to be completed both concrete walls and slab in just 1 day...a space of 150m2, Yes an area bigger than the average home can now be achieved in one day with Tunnel Form.
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